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Organate HCOONa Sodium Formate with CAS 141-53-7

2020-09-07 16:53

Sodium Formate

Sodium formate contains two crystal waters in the crystal, so it is also called sodium formate dihydrate, sodium formate dihydrate, and sodium formate dihydrate. Sodium formate is one of the simplest organic carboxylates. It is white crystal or powder with a slight smell of formic acid. Slightly deliquescent and hygroscopic. It is easily soluble in about 1.3 parts of water and glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol and octanol, and insoluble in ether. Its aqueous solution is alkaline.


Inspection item Specifications
Sodium formate WT.%, ≥ 92 MIN 95 MIN 98 MIN
Organic impurities WT.%, ≤ 8MAX 5MAX 2MAX
Chloride content WT.%, ≤  2 MAX 0.5MAX 0.5MAX
Humidity WT.%, ≤  2 MAX 2 MAX 2 MAX
Appearance White crystalline powder White crystalline powder White crystalline powder


1. Used as reagents, disinfectants and mordants for the determination of phosphorus and arsenic;
2. Used as a preservative. 
3. Used for alkyd resin coatings, plasticizers;
4. Used as explosives, acid-resistant materials, aviation lubricants, and adhesive additives.
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