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Inorganic Solid Acid Sulfamic Acid with Cas 5329-14-6

2020-09-14 14:12

Sulfamic Acid

Sulfamic Acid is an inorganic solid acid formed by the substitution of hydroxy groups of sulfuric acid by amino groups. Its molecular formula is NH2SO3H and its molecular weight is 97.09. It is generally white, odorless, rhomboid flake crystals, with a relative density of 2.126 and a melting point of 205°C. For water and liquid ammonia, at room temperature, as long as they are kept dry and not in contact with water, the solid sulfamic acid does not absorb moisture and is relatively stable. [1] The aqueous solution of sulfamic acid has strong acidity equivalent to hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, so it is also called solid sulfuric acid. It has the characteristics of non-volatile, odorless and low toxicity to the human body. Dust or solution is irritating to eyes and skin and can cause burns. The maximum allowable concentration is 10 mg/m 3. Aminosulfonic acid can be used to synthesize herbicides, fire retardants, sweeteners, preservatives, metal cleaning agents, etc. It is a common chemical raw material.


Item Standard Result
Assay 99.5% MIN 99.85%
Lose on Drying 0.1% MAX 0.02%
SO4 0.05% MAX 0.01%
NH3 200ppm MAX 25ppm
Fe 0.003% MAX 0.0003%
Heavy Metal(pb) 10ppm MAX 1ppm
Chloride(CL) 1ppm Max 0ppm
PH Value(1%) 1.0-1.4 1.25
Bulk Density 1.15-1.35g/cm3 1.2g/m3
Insoluble Water Substance 0.02% Max 0.002%
Appearance Whte Crystalline hte Crystalline


1. Detergent   Sulfamic acid cleaning agent has a wide range of applications, and can be used to clean boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, jackets and chemical pipelines.
2. Textile industry   Sulfonic acid can be used as a remover of excessive diazotization reaction in the dye industry, a fixing agent for textile dyeing, forming a fireproof layer on textiles, and can also be used to make yarn cleaning agents and other auxiliaries in the textile industry .

3. Paper industry    sulfonic acid can be used as a bleaching aid, which can reduce or eliminate the catalysis of heavy metal ions in the bleaching liquid, thereby ensuring the quality of the bleaching liquid, reducing the oxidative degradation of the fiber by metal ions, and preventing the peeling reaction of the fiber , Improve pulp strength and whiteness.
4. Oil industry   Amino sulfonic acid can be used to remove the blockage of the oil layer and increase the permeability of the oil layer.
5. Agriculture  Sulfamic acid and ammonium sulfamate were originally developed as herbicides.
6. Electroplating solution   In the new aqueous gold plating bath, alkali metal sulfamate, ammonium sulfamate or sulfamate can be used as conductive and buffering compounds.
7. Chemical synthesis analysis    In organic synthesis, sulfamic acid is a solid acid that is cheap and easy to obtain and has good stability. It has a good catalytic effect on acid esterification and does not corrode equipment.

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